Embrace the Journey
La Vida Sincera
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Travel Central America and Europe with us.
We weave unforgettable stories into the tapestry of your life.
Experience something beyond imagination.

Vida Sincera creates experiences in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and several countries in Europe. We create a safe environment where students learn with all their senses, while sharing knowledge and values with locals that help connect us with communities all over the world. For us at Vida Sincera, teaching is not just the process of direct instruction; it is the process of enabling, encouraging, giving opportunities, mentoring and providing inspiration.

Imagine an experience that takes you to your next limit: an adventure where not only do you learn about a foreign culture, but where you begin to understand more about who you are in this time and space.

Gandhi said, “in order to change the world, start with yourself.” At Vida Sincera, we help you realize that life is not happening to you - it is responding to you.

Photos, photos, photos...

Travel with us and discover something new.

Testimonials from our journeys

  • "During my time with Vida Sincera, not only was I introduced to new concepts that continue to improve my quality of day to day life, I was shown the importance of community, leadership and team building skills through various service opportunities. Never before had I been shown ways to connect with my mind and my body through meditation, stretching/yoga, slack line walking etc. in such an approachable way. For me, this was the beginning of a journey of discovery; Vida Sincera helped me realize the importance of nurturing the connection between my mind and my body in a relaxed, safe environment."
    Dante Castille
  • "Tim will align your students with a working philosophy to live their lives to the highest potential. He will identify the talents in each individual and will provide them with the love and respect they deserve as human begins. Mr. Smith has a unique ability to instantaneously connect with other humans regardless of age, race, gender or any other demographic. This ability to reach the authentic inner-self will allow your students to honestly express themselves by the appreciation they have gained through Self Awareness. This new self awareness will unfold into "love of the self", and eventually into positives manifestations outside the body, in the form of selflessness."
    Brice McCallum
  • La Vida Sincera Teenage Retreat Location Accommodation Central America
    "Hi Tim. I was just sitting and thinking and I wanted to let you know that you really impacted and inspired me. I have really different views and opinions than others on a lot of things I see in our world. I'm really aggregated by the way most humans live, and I'm even more aggravated with myself when I notice how much I act like the typical teenage girl of our society. You have done a lot of really interesting things and you are really peaceful and strong and independent. You made me want to rethink my life and my future. Thank you."